COVER-UP? ANTIFA Issues Gag Order Following Brutal Death Outside of Their Far-Left Hangout


An ANTIFA activist died this weekend after he was run down by a motor vehicle outside of a popular far-left hangout in Portland, OR.

Sean D. Kealiher, 23, was struck by an SUV during a deadly confrontation outside of the Cider Riot bar, which is a centralized hub of sorts for the city’s violent left-wing extremists. The vehicle was reportedly hailed with gunfire after it hit Kealiher, and then crashed into a nearby building.

Kealiher ultimately died of blunt-force trauma after being driven to a hospital where he could not be resuscitated. No arrests have been made at the present time, according to Oregon Live, but law enforcement is investigating the deadly events. They should not anticipate any help from ANTIFA terrorists in the area, who have issued a gag order of sorts against cooperating with police and media outlets.

Rose City ANTIFA announced on their Twitter account that the death “was not related to fascist activity,” so it appears that ANTIFA may be covering for one of their own:

Daryl Perez was a witness who heard the violent display unfold from a nearby campsite. He came forward to talk to the press about his experience, which may put his safety in danger due to ANTIFA reprisal.

“He was lifeless,” Perez said of Kealiher. “It was difficult for them, they were…just trying to get him to get up. He’s heavy—he slipped out of their hands a couple times before they got him back to the car.”

Perez told KOIN 6 News that he heard what sounded like a car crash and then some loud yelling by different individuals. He heard at least four shots of gunfire and left his tent to see that an SUV had struck a tree and was immobile.

Kealiher, who is called the nickname “Armenio” by his friends, is being mourned by his fellow radicals. They wrote “Armenio rest in power” and “#Resist” by the crash site where the trauma was inflicted that eventually cost him his life.

“He was very dedicated to his community and a very solid friend,” said Meagan Vogel, who was a friend of Kealiher. “He was always challenging old lines of thought and trying to be a bigger person. I really appreciated how much he put himself on the line for other people.”

“We loved him and we are all really shaken,” she added. “But we are going to come together because that’s what we are all about.”

ANTIFA-sympathizing Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler even offered some condolences for his fallen comrade:

Anyone with tips about a suspect in the case that investigators are considering a homicide are urged to call Detective Scott Broughton at 503.823.3774 or Detective Rico Beniga at 503.823.0457.

However, because of Mayor Wheeler’s harboring of ANTIFA’s violent cells throughout his city, people may be too scared to come forward and offer information. Only after ANTIFA is formally named a terrorist organization at the federal level can senseless violence like this be stopped and the terror group put out of commission nationally.


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