COVER-UP: Michigan Secretary of State Orders Deletion of Crucial Election Records to Halt Investigation

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who was formerly a Southern Poverty Law Center board member before she rose to prominence, is trying to delete crucial evidence that could decisively prove that massive voter fraud took place in the battleground state.

The Michigan Republican Party announced on Friday that Benson issued a memo earlier this week telling clerks to delete Electronic Poll Book Software and similar files. The Michigan Bureau of Elections has stated that this data should not be deleted if “a post-election audit is planned but has not yet been completed.” The Wayne County Board of Canvassers has called for an audit of the election after the extreme amounts of documented improprieties that happened in Detroit on election night.

Even though the Michigan GOP did little to nothing to prevent voter fraud before the election, they are releasing angry statements about Benson way after the fact.

“Secretary Benson’s move to request the deletion of election data amidst bipartisan calls for an audit is just another example of her putting partisan politics over what’s best for Michigan.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox.

“With election irregularities rampant across the state, it is vital that we have this audit before any election data is deleted. Secretary Benson’s move to delete this data before an audit raises a serious question, what are the Democrats hiding?”

Big League Politics has reported on the terror campaign pushed by Benson’s crony, psychopathic LGBT attorney general Dana Nessel, to threaten whistleblowers and public officials into rubberstamping the dubious vote.

There is a massive terror operation that is in place to bully and intimidate whistleblowers and Republican leaders into rubber-stamping a presidential election marred with irregularities before real investigations can begin.

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel, who sent a threatening cease-and-desist order to Big League Politics over our reporting on electoral abnormalities, is now threatening Republican leaders who recently met with President Donald Trump. She is spinning a baseless conspiracy theory to justify her threats and abuse of power.

The Washington Post has reported that Nessel “is conferring with election law experts on whether officials may have violated any state laws prohibiting them from engaging in bribery, perjury and conspiracy.” Before Michigan senate majority leader Mike Shirkey and house speaker Lee Chatfield decided to meet with Trump, they were warned by University of Michigan Law School professor Richard Primus that the meeting “threatens the two Michigan legislators, personally, with the risk of criminal investigation.”

Conservative legal scholar Jonathan Turley explained that Democrats in the state of Michigan are essentially criminalizing any investigation into voter fraud that has been substantiated in countless sworn affidavits from whistleblowers.

“What is most disturbing is that, if there was an objection to voting irregularities or fraud, these legislators would be acting under their state constitutional authority. They would be investigated for carrying out their official duties under state law,” he noted.

Michigan Democrats are getting nervous that they might not get away with their electoral theft. This is why Nessel and Benson are threatening and trying to cover their tracks.

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