COVID Wars: Episode VI – Return Of The Fauci

Mask up, you little sheep! Disgraced director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Anthony Fauci joined the White House this week to assist with public Covid-19 messaging and urge Americans to mask and booster jab up.

Tony’s reason? New variants, of course!

The White Hosue chief medical “expert” had been off the radar for a while, notably making headlines last month after he tested positive for Covid-19 after being quadruple-jabbed.

“The threat to you is now,” Fauci publicly announced during a White House briefing Tuesday. “Immunity wanes, whether that’s immunity following infection or immunity following vaccine.”

“If you were infected with BA.1, you really don’t have a lot of good protection against BA.4/5,” he warned of a new Chinese coronavirus mutation.

“We should not let it disrupt our lives,” he said, “but we cannot deny that it is a reality that we need to deal with.”

It was during an interview with MSNBC  when Fauci singled out “the New York area” as an example of where we are “starting to see cases go up.”

“It’s something we absolutely need to take seriously. It has a transmission advantage over the prior variants that were dominant,” he said of the new variant.

“Everyone wants to put this pandemic behind us, and feel and hope that it doesn’t exist — it does.”

“However, the good news is we have the capability and the tools to address it, and we just need to utilize those tools,” he told the outlet.

Fauci then stated his continued desire that Americans cover their mouths and take endless streams of Covid-19 inoculations as they are released to the public.

“We’re not talking mandating anything,” he stated, saying his team is only “recommending people when they are in indoor congregate settings to wear a mask.”

“Those are simple, doable things that can help prevent us from having even more of a problem than we’re having right now,” he said.

Big League Politics has covered public health “expert” Anthony Fauci extensively in the past, including his publicly stated beliefs that United States courts should not rule to protect the constitutional rights of Americans should a rouge health agency such as the CDC actively violate them on a systemic level.

“We are concerned about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally a public health decision,” Fauci announced at the time. “This is a CDC issue.”

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