Covington Catholic Parents Demand Apology From Church, Won’t Let Kids Be Confirmed

Covington Parents Pull Students Confirmation

After the Covington Catholic High School students were thrown to the wolves by their Catholic diocese, the parents are refusing to allow them to be confirmed into the Catholic Church without an apology.

In the moments after the news broke, when the mainstream media was falsely framing the Covington Catholic teens as racists who physically intimidated an elderly Native veteran, Diocese of Covington Bishop Roger Joseph Foys immediately sided with the left and condemned the students. When more information came to light, revealing the students were innocent of all crimes and are likely the victim of a massive smear campaign as well as the crime of assault, Bishop Foys doubled down.

Now, the students’ parents are demanding an apology from Bishop Foys, and are refusing to allow their children attend their confirmation into the Catholic Church next week unless it is delivered.

The Bishop, faced with facts that directly contradicted the mainstream media’s narrative, refused to offer an apology in his most recent statement. In his previous statement, the Bishop Foys offered a “joint condemnation,” and mentioned “corrective” measures that may be taken against the students.

LifeSite News reported:

Instead of apologizing for succumbing to the mainstream media’s spin on the Friday, January 19 altercation, Bishop Foys spoke about “corrective actions, if any, are appropriate” that may be forthcoming after a third-party investigates the matter this week.

The Diocese’s most recent statement merely notes that the school would be closed on January 22 due to the potentially violent protests erupting at the institution. Thus far, Bishop Foys and the Diocese of Covington have been completely unwilling to admit they may have been incorrect, and say they will release no further statements until a “third party investigation” has been conducted into the actions of the students.

While the Bishop pays investigators to review evidence, Big League Politics quickly revealed, after watching the full video of the altercation, that the students were framed.



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