Creator of “Coping MAGA” Twitter Account Defends PEDOPHILES on Personal Account, Calls Critics “Nazis”

@CopingMAGA is a brand new Twitter account devoted to laughing at Trump supporters “coping” with Trump’s alleged—not confirmed—loss to Joe Biden in the presidential race. “MAGA hats are coping with their loss, and we’re gonna enjoy it,” the account’s bio reads.

It didn’t take long, however, for internet sleuths (not that too much sleuthing was required in this case) to discover tweets from the @CopingMAGA creator, @Th0risy, defending pedophiles.

“The based & nuanced take on MAPs [Minor Attracted Persons] is that they shouldn’t be normalized but also shouldn’t be dehumanized or told they should die or kill themselves. These people need therapy to avoid making those attractions into actions, they didn’t chose [sic] this. Also, [p]edophilia =/= pederasty,” reads one tweet.

“[W]e need to not make ‘pedophile’ be synonymous with monster,” reads another.

Screenshots below:

@Th0risy’s Twitter bio reads: “Pragmatic Leftist ¦ BLM ¦ Intersectional Feminist ¦ Pro-Vegan ¦ Gender Abolitionism & F*ck TERFs ¦ 18 ¦ Antifascist ¦ Creator of @CopingMAGA.”

The tweets are still up and she is responding to attacks on both her personal and her @CopingMAGA accounts, calling those who’ve lambasted her pro-pedophile tweets “Nazis” and, of course, copers.

Typical left-wing NPC behavior. This is the person telling you, the reader, that your reaction to the stolen election is a “cope.” Don’t forget that.

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