Criminal Robs Senate Staffer for Senator Katie Britt at Gunpoint in Washington, DC

On October 19, 2023, an armed robber ended up robbing a staffer for Alabama Senator Katie Britt in Washington D.C. 

Per a report by WUSA 9, the staffer was taking a normal walk down the sidewalk when a man approached her, pointed a gun in her face. From there, the robber sternly said, “‘Give me your purse and keys.’” 

Out of fear for her life, the staffer handed the criminal her keys and other items on her person. In the end, the robber got in the staffer’s car and drove out of the scene. 

The staffer did not experience any physical harm. 

After finding about this incident, Britt published a statement about it:

We thank God that she is safe and sound after this terrifying incident, and we’re grateful to the Capitol Police Department and Metropolitan Police Department officers who quickly and professionally responded to the scene. It is infuriating and completely unacceptable that an American who is on Capitol Hill to serve her country cannot safely walk the streets of Washington, D.C. at 8:30 at night because of the out-of-control crime in this city. Just look at the police department’s own numbers – this year, robberies are up 68% and motor vehicle thefts are up 102%. Local elected officials in the District of Columbia have the responsibility not just to their citizens, but to the country, to step up and get a hold of the crime crisis ravaging the streets of our nation’s capital.

DC is one of the more dangerous cities in the US.  On top of that, it’s one of the most anti-gun cities in the nation. This is a combo asking for all spurts of trouble. 

Curiously, the gun control and soft-on-crime experiments progressives have pursued are now rearing their ugly nationwide. Blue jurisdictions have become mini-Gothams that are marked by corruption, high crime, and a low standard of living. 

Even certain members of the ruling class and their assistants can’t escape the realities of the hellscapes that elites have created nationwide. 

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