CUCKED: Georgia Governor Rejects Special Sessions to Remove Fulton County DA

On August 31, 2023, Governor Brian Kemp rejected a call from Republicans in the General Assembly to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis following former President Donald Trump’s indictment for allegedly engaging in election interference.

Kemp proclaimed that he wouldn’t invoke a special session of the Georgia General Assembly to remove Willis. The governor stressed that trying to impeach Willis isn’t feasible and “may ultimately prove to be unconstitutional.”

“We have a law in the state of Georgia that clearly outlines the legal steps that can be taken if constituents believe their local prosecutors are violating their oath by engaging in unethical or illegal behavior,” Kemp noted on August 31. “As long as I am governor, we’re going to follow the law and the Constitution, regardless of who it helps or harms politically.”

Ever since President Trump and 18 co-defendants were indicted in August, some Georgia state elected officials have called for a special session to oust Willis. A conviction of Willis would require a two-thirds majority vote in the State Senate and the GOP would likely not have sufficient votes to convict in the Senate.

One Republican elected official, Clint Dixon, stated that he believes the indictments are “all about Fani Willis and her unabashed goal to become some sort of leftist celebrity.” State Senator Colton Moore wrote a letter calling on Kemp to invoke a special session to investigate Willis for “potentially abusing her position of power by pursuing former President Donald J. Trump.”

That said, Georgia House Speaker Jon Burns revealed that he doesn’t intend to defund the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, unlike some of his Republican colleagues have called for, per a letter he penned. The elected official then proclaimed that the campaign to go after Willis shouldn’t be prioritized over the damage that Hurricane Idalia did to southern Georgia, which ripped across several southeastern U.S. states on August 30.

“While this real-time crisis unfolds, unfortunately, we continue to have a few members of the General Assembly making misleading or false claims about the General Assembly’s lawful powers regarding an ongoing criminal case before our Judiciary,” he said in a written statement. “It is an unfortunate reality of today’s politics that theatrics sometimes garner more attention than genuine human needs like those that will unfold today in south and coastal Georgia.”

Since 2020, Kemp and former president Donald Trump have had fraught relations. The tense relations between the Georgia Governor and Trump started when Kemp asserted that no voter fraud took place during the 2020 presidential election. In addition, he rejected former President Trump’s calls to hold a special legislative session dealing with election irregularities.

Earlier in August, Kemp claimed that the 2020 election “was not stolen,” in an apparent swipe at former President Trump’s assertions.

“Our elections in Georgia are secure, accessible, and fair and will continue to be as long as I am governor,” he declared.

Kemp is among the worst GOP governors in the country. Kemp represents everything wrong with the Republican Party. With leaders like him at the helm, corporate interests and cultural leftists can sleep well at night knowing that he won’t do anything to upset their power base. 

For the Right to move forward, they must purge the likes of Kemp from public office. 


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