“Cuties” Network Down 25% – Time To Strike

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 Cuties Network Down 25%-

After reporting a loss of over 200,000 subscribers, Netflix stock took a huge hit on Tuesday, diminishing in value by 25%. This is the first time the streaming platform has lost subscribers in over a decade, indicating that the company’s days of exceptional growth may be over. 

Making matters worse for the leftist propaganda outlet, Netflix is predicting a loss of 2 million more global subscribers in the second quarter of this year, meaning the company’s woes are — hopefully — just beginning.

The company is contending with an estimated 40% of users that are “unpaid subscribers,” and with stiff competition that is offering new services with comparable content options, and who are not weighed down by the political baggage Netflix carries. 

And the political purpose of Netflix is clear. The company pushes the boundaries, constantly forcing anti-God, anti-White and anti-American ideas to the forefront of the public debate.

Recently, a show sexualizing young children was popularized on Netflix. This wasn’t the beginning of mainstreaming groomer culture, but it was one of the major pushes. And every leftist institution jumped in to defend the indefensible show that seemed made with pedophile viewership in mind, referring to those offended by sexualized images of children as “conspiracy theorists.”

 Cuties Network Down 25%-

And, as is so easy to become these days, Netflix has even been a target of the left, as a recent comedy special with comedian Dave Chapelle touched on one of the U.S. protected classes who hover above criticism. In this case, the popular comedian made jokes about the trans community, who rallied the extreme left against Chapelle.

Now, conservatives are bringing back an old mantra on Twitter: #cancelnetflix. But this time, the company is vulnerable to the move. Liberals are upset with the company for hinting that their solution to lost subscribers will be to raise prices and limit or end account sharing. A conservative boycott now could make a significant impact on the company’s future, as it could happen simultaneously with potential cancellations from liberal subscribers.

Netflix has been at the center of nationwide controversy numerous times due to its racially charged and sexually explicit programming. The company is a repository for leftist propaganda. From sexualizing children in their disgusting hit show “cuties” to promoting unreflective, anti-White hatred on their hit series, “Dear White People,” the network peddles destructive ideas to a naïve demographic unequipped to challenge the narrative echoed through radio, television and, especially, Netflix.

In the words of former President Donald Trump’s fundraising team, now is the time to make a “500% IMPACT.” You can vote with your wallet, you can strike an economic blow to the people that hate you and your family, and you can stop wasting your time falling into time traps of bad liberal television. All you have to do is cancel Netflix. Now.

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 Cuties Network Down 25%-


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