Dallas Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban, to Pay Stadium Workers Despite NBA Season Being Suspended Over Coronavirus

At this time of uncertainty, worry, and anxiety, it is expected that we will see people focusing on doing what they need to do in order to provide for themselves and their families. Many people are running out to buy up all the sanitation products, food, and other necessities.

For many, this alone is a difficult endeavor. Living paycheck to paycheck with little or no room for extra, unexpected expensive makes it very difficult to spend the extra lump sum needed to prep for a less than ideal chain of events.

Even those who can afford to stock up on things, and are doing fine this week, may not have paychecks coming in the near future due to having to take off work. One group expected to feel such hit are those who work in stadiums on NBA game days.

Due to the NBA suspending the rest of its season, individaual teams no longer have the need for stadium workers. No need for workers equals no pay for workers.

Fortunately, for those who were scheduled to work in the Americna Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, the lack of work during this viral outbreak will not result in lack of pay.

Omar Villafranca reported via Twitter that he has received some generous news form Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Villafranca said:

Talked to Dallas Mavs owner [Mark Cuban] this afternoon. Despite suspended NBA season, [Cuban] plans to pay Mavs game day arena workers who make games possible. When asked if it’s coming from his own pocket, he said ‘Yes. I’m going to be OK.’

In the midst of the chaos and worry due to the coronavirus scare, as well as the over politicization of the related events, it’s great to see a business owner step up and help those who have contributed to his brand.

This charitable contribution may be a drop in the bucket for a wealthy man like Cuban, but it definitely helps to show his appreciation to those workers and will likely go a long way for those wondering how they were going to replace their much needed income.

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