Dan Crenshaw Betrays Constituents, Comes Out in Favor of Mass Immigration and Demographic Shift

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), dubbed “McCain 2.0” for his dogged opposition to President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, betrayed his campaign rhetoric about immigration and demographics at a recent campus appearance.

Crenshaw showed his hypocrisy during an event at Texas A&M University on Monday when he was put on the spot about demographic changes and their impact on the U.S. Republic moving forward.

“The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the United States will be minority white by the year 2045,” the questioner explained. “According to a 2014 Pew Research study, 80 percent of blacks, 65 percent of Asians, and 56 percent of Hispanics identify as Democrats.”

“Given that the Democrat Party is destroying American ideals, which I think we would both agree on, and given that non-white groups overwhelmingly vote Democrat, how will American ideals be maintained 25 years from now when nearly a million non-white immigrants become citizens each year?” he asked.

Crenshaw’s insipidly platitudinal answer to this provocative question could be seen as a tacit endorsement for the status quo of limitless immigration and demographic replacement.

“Here’s how we look into the future. We don’t tell.. We don’t lie to minorities and tell them that we are going to solve all their problems,” Crenshaw responded.

“We tell them that they are included in this country, and that the only colors that matter in this country are the red, white and blue, and that identity politics has no place in this movement,” Crenshaw added.

However, Crenshaw didn’t always cheer on mass immigration and demographic replacement. When he needed the votes of Texas conservatives on the campaign trail before he was elected as a Congressman, he talked about the need to preserve the Republican Party from the demographic peril that lies ahead.

“If I were to look back 50 years from now and say, ‘what did I accomplish?’ It would be the longevity of the conservative movement. That… That is the greatest threat right now. That in 50 years we may not have a Republican Party because our demographics are changing,” Crenshaw said.

The two clips can be seen juxtaposed against one another here:


Crenshaw is also attacking journalist Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News after Watson highlighted Crenshaw’s refusal to support the 1st Amendment following a question from another individual.

Watson stood his ground against his smears, pointing out the fact that the neoconservative Crenshaw did in fact refuse to support the 1st Amendment and chose to demean the questioner instead.

While his service to his nation is beyond reproach, Crenshaw’s work as a legislator pales in comparison to his military record. The Congressman who once called President Trump an “idiot” with “insane rhetoric” that is equally as “ignorant” as a liberal is severely out of place in the modern Republican Party.

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