Dan Webster is the Most Likely GOP Congressman to Lose in 2024

Voters in Florida’s 11th congressional district only have one America First option for the 2024 election cycle. And that’s former State Representative Anthony Sabatini. 

Incumbent Congressman Dan Webster is simply not going to cut it. He’s a political dinosaur through and through. 

Webster has been a career politician from the very beginning. The sitting Congressman got his political start when he was first elected to the Florida State House in 1980.  He would later serve as Speaker of the Florida House from 1996 to 1998, which made him become the first Republican Speaker since Reconstruction. He subsequently served as the Majority Leader of the Florida State Senate from 2006 to 2008. 

Webster finally made it to the big leagues when he was elected to serve as the representative of Florida’s 10th congressional district in 2010. Later on in 2016, Webster was elected to Florida’s 11th congressional district, where he currently serves. 

Since joining Congress, Webster has done little to advance the America First principles. 

In fact, he’s very much another neoconservative politician who tows the party line. Such elected officials have played a major role in putting the country on the wrong path. 

Anthony Sabatini is a different story.  During his time representing Florida House District 32, Sabatini was a conservative champion through and through. He filed and sponsored legislation that dealt with taking on Big Tech censorship, mandating the use of E-Verify to combat illegal alien labor, turning Florida into a Second Amendment Sanctuary, bolstering election laws, and banning transgender surgeries on children, among other conservative legislative items. In addition, Sabatini was the only member of the state legislature who did not take a pension and refused to use taxpayer-funded healthcare. 

For his staunch conservative legislative track record in the Florida State House, he received a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union (ACU) in 2020. Additionally, Sabatini’s devotion to the Second Amendment earned him endorsements from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR). 

Sabatini currently serves as the chair of the Lake County Republican Party. According to his website, Sabatini vows to push the following legislative measures if he is elected to higher office:

  • Stop Biden’s Radical Agenda
  • Secure Our Border & Build The Wall
  • Fight Against Woke Corporations
  • Ban China From Buying American Land
  • Protect Parents’ Rights
  • Remove Wokeness From Our Military
  • Defund The Marxism In Our Schools
  • Secure Our Elections
  • Protect The Second Amendment
  • Defend The Lives Of The Unborn
  • Enact Term Limits For Every Politician

Sabatini would be a fantastic addition to Congress. With Republican voters growing more restless about the lack of leadership in DC, the likes of Dan Webster are running on borrowed time. 

If the GOP is to remain relevant in this era of political instability, electing Anthony Sabatini is a no-brainer.

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