Dave Matthews is Calling for Gun Control

In an interview with USA Today published earlier in June, music artist Dave Matthews criticized people who say “it’s not the guns.” Matthews did not put forward any concrete ideas or policy solutions while he urged politicians to do something. He also declared that “No one is coming for your guns.”

Matthews declared, “I’m so stunned by the ability of our leaders to be able to convince us that we’re powerless in the face of gun violence and that the vulnerability of innocent people in this country is a sacrifice we have to make if we want to be truly American. It’s so mind bogglingly cruel. It’s insanity.”

He continued, “I have no idea how people can stand up and say it’s ‘not guns’ and ‘it’s not the NRA,’ it’s just mental health.”

Matthews went at length about having friends who own guns and keep firearms in their homes, but he claimed that even those gun-owning friends want to figure out a way to control which individuals can and cannot own a firearm. He continued, “No one is coming for your guns.”

Matthews said, “I don’t like being afraid of my children being murdered at school. I’ve had to deal with my kids being at university when there is a shooting and they’ve lost friends. If we can just shout about weird things, politicians don’t have to sit down and figure out solutions to real issues like health care and gun violence. That kind of madness of distraction makes me crazy.”

Matthews’ sentiments are emblematic of elite opinion in the US. Most cultural elites hate the Second Amendment and other traditional American freedoms. These people simply don’t care about the facts about how gun violence in the US is not so prevalent. Instead, they prefer to impose their preferences on the rest of the American populace.

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