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DC Police Detective Attacks Journalist on Twitter for Covering Seth Rich Case



Detective Antoine Weston of the DC Metropolitan Police Department took to Twitter on Monday to lash out at an alternative media journalist who has been digging into the Seth Rich case.

Matt Couch of America First Media Group had tweeted that he heard from sources that Rich had marks on his wrists “consistent with handcuffs.” He also asked why the autopsy results are being blocked.

In response, Detective Weston who was not tagged in the tweet, wrote, “Get ALL OF THE HECK OUT OF HERE with this BS. Just stop.”

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After another user responded to the angry tweet asking why he cares, Weston tweeted at him saying, “Dumbass, because ALL investigative leads are exhausted at this time. The case is still considered OPEN. Now stop reaching.”

Couch then quoted Detective Weston’s tweet and wrote, “unfortunately, our investigation isn’t BS… But you seem triggered, where did you come from, what do you know? Enlighten us :)”

Detective Weston quickly replied saying, “I know your REACHING. Let this family get justice without you conspiracy liars. Live your own life and leave theirs alone.”

When I tweeted at Detective Weston to confirm he worked for the DC Metro Police and attempt to ask for comment, he blocked me and deleted his tweets. We were able to independently confirm that he does. He is also featured in this photo after receiving an award from the department.

Other tweets on his feed consist mainly of sports commentary, retweets of Russian conspiracy theories which have less evidence than the Rich theories, and bashing the president.

Following the encounter, Couch took to Periscope and stated that the fact that DC detectives are sitting around rage tweeting at investigative journalists shows that they are “pissed” and “they are as corrupt as it gets in the swamp that is Washington, DC.”

“What that means folks, is that these detectives are sitting around and they’re pissed. They’re pissed off because we are making them look stupid. It’s not my fault, it’s not my team’s fault that we’re making them look stupid — they’re making themselves look stupid because they’re covering up the murder of a DNC staffer named Seth Rich. That’s why they’re so upset,” Couch asserted.

Rich, a data analyst for the Democratic National Committee, was shot in the back in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, near his home while he was on the phone with his girlfriend — 12 days before the publication of the DNC emails by the controversial publisher. The police initially ruled that it was a botched robbery — but his wallet, watch, and necklace were still on his person when he was discovered by police.

Many believe that Rich was the source of the DNC emails that were released by WikiLeaks, including tech mogul Kim Dotcom who has asserted that he personally spoke to Rich.

Amidst the claims by Dotcom, Julian Assange tweeted that though WikiLeaks won’t identify sources — sometimes their sources reveal themselves to other people. He also included the #SethRich hashtag in his tweet.

Assange also raised eyebrows with his commentary about Rich while being interviewed on Dutch TV last year.

“Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often significant risks. There was a 27-year old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back… murdered.. for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington,” Assange said. When asked by the host if he would suggest that Rich was involved, he stated that “we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States and that our sources face serious risks… that’s why they come to us so we can protect their anonymity.”

Additionally, WikiLeaks offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killer shortly after his death.


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Lesbian Activist Trashes Trans Fad: ‘Biology is Not a Social Construct’



Some of the letters in the LGBT community are not feeling so communal if a prominent lesbian activist and Army Staff Sergeant is to be believed.

“I have spent every day of my life since that time advocating for the marginalized and oppressed, especially sexual minorities,” wrote Miriam Ben-Shalom in The Federalist. “I’ve organized rallies, shown up and stood up wherever injustice was allowed to flourish. I’ve twice chained myself to the White House fence and engaged in non-violent civil disobedience to protest the ban on LGB people in the military. I’ve risked jail time and criminal charges on behalf of my brothers and sisters in the LGB community.”

Ben-Shalom was originally honorably discharged from the Army for homosexuality, but was the first person re-instated after such a discharge in 1988, which she describes as one of the proudest moments of her life.

But things aren’t completely hunky-dory for the lesbian activist right now. Though she believes that transgender people deserve respect and ought not to be discriminated against, it is clear that Ben-Shalom thinks the movement has gone too far.

“[I] ought not to be expected to believe that by some magic and lots of surgeries and chemicals that a man can be a woman and a woman a man,” she wrote. “I, and all woman and children, should not have to put up with the shenanigans of those who insist that biology is ‘a social construct’ but gender ‘is innate in a person’ when the exact opposite is true.”

Ironically, Ben-Shalom’s views on the subject are so controversial that she was forced to publish her op-ed in the socially conservative Federalist. 

She also knocked the growing trend of parents forcing transgenderism on their children.

“Children should not be experimented upon by infusing them with puberty blockers to keep them from growing up,” she said. “Children should not be operated upon and have body parts removed because they ‘feel’ they are something other than what they are, should not be subjected to a lifetime of ill health because of Big Pharma’s chemicals.”

Ben-Shalom said that lesbian women should not be accused of “transphobia” for refusing to sleep with biological males who “identify” as transgender females, and that the law should not protect transgender females who want to use men’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

“Do you understand now why this is not about trans humans being discriminated against, but is about something much more horrible and revolting: the chemical sterilization of children, the denial of basic human rights to women and children, and the erasure of women? Do you still wonder why we do not want the law to allow such people in our spaces?”


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