DEAD HEAT: Trump, Biden TIED in Blue State of Minnesota in New Poll

New polling indicates that President Trump is running in a dead heat with Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the state of Minnesota, suggesting that the President has a chance to carry the marginally blue state that last voted for a Republican in a presidential election in 1972.

A Trafalgar Group poll reveals the President trailing Biden within the margin of error, garnering 46.5% of the vote compared to Biden’s 46.9%. The poll samples 1,141 likely Minnesota voters, and the 0.4% differential is well within the poll’s 2.98% margin of error.

The poll reveals that Trump has significantly improved his standing in the state in recent months. Another Trafalgar Group poll queued in July indicated the President was trailing Biden by five percent, suggesting the recent George Floyd riots have played to the advantages of the President. Democrat media commentators and political pundits have scoffed at the latest poll’s findings, confidently assessing that Joe Biden will win the state in a massive blowout in November. Analysis not much different from how centrist commentators forecast the 2016 election in other midwestern states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Trump has campaigned in the northern state recently, visiting Mankato, Minnesota and assailing his opponent’s weak on crime and open borders policies. The President and his campaign officials appear to have the state in their crosshairs, with many Minnesotans feeling terrorized by the left-wing Black Lives Matter riots that have caused $55 million in property damages to the state’s largest city.

Democrat mobs have also arrived in Minneapolis-Saint Paul suburbs to threaten the communities’ largely Republican residents, with one Democrat state legislative candidate warning that the mob would “burn down” Hugo, Minnesota.

If a conservative backlash to riots and anarcho-tyranny delivers Minnesota to Trump in November, perhaps it’s not impossible that the nominally purple state of Oregon will follow in turn?

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