Deep State Uses Secret Agent Called ‘The Limey’ To Smear Trump and Flynn


Deep State agents are using a secret weapon referred to as “The Limey” to damage President Donald Trump and fan the flames of scandal around former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

A small group of U.S. intelligence operatives chat about four times a week on a secure app to plot leaks against Trump, according to a report based on Dark Web information.

Five Deep State agents use a secure app called Gliph to hold the anti-Trump conversations, as reported by Third Estate News Group but so far not picked up by any mainstream news outlets. We reported:

“A ‘Dark Web’ identity known as FreshCamel told Third Estate News Group that he/she picked up private Gliph conversations between five people that he/she says are intelligence agents. FreshCamel did this by getting into a top FBI official’s computer through a Phishing email. FreshCamel says that the five-person group talks for 45 minutes a day about four times per week.

The handles that the Deep State operatives use are: Dooku, Severus, Huck, Roger, and Juules. Other agents are also involved in some conversations, but those are the main five, according to FreshCamel.”

Here are screenshots of one of the recent conversations referring to General Flynn and “The Limey.” This conversation was held on the same day that Robert Mueller was announced as a special investigator in the alleged Trump-Russian collusion case, and the same day as a New York Times report rehashing Flynn’s Turkish lobbying work:


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