Degenerate California AG Sues School District for Informing Parents About Trans Students

California Attorney General Bob Bonta recently filed a lawsuit against a Southern California school district over a newly adopted policy that mandates schools to inform parents if their children has changed their sexual identification or pronouns.

“It tramples on students’ rights,” declared Bonta. He’s pursuing a court order to immediately stop the Chino Valley Unified School district from what he described as the “forced outing” of transgender students. He believes that such actions violate their civil rights, per a NBC Los Angeles report.

Chino Valley Unified recently implemented the policy after the school board’s leadership changed. Other districts in Southern California have enacted similar policies and Bonta claimed that he believes they will also be affected by the lawsuit, though they are not mentioned in this suit.

As a response for a request for comment, the Chino Valley Unified district’s director of communications claimed that the district was not informed of the filing until after news organizations started covering the lawsuit. The district did not have a chance to review the lawsuit on August 28, 2023..

“At this time, the District is working with its legal counsel to review the lawsuit and its contents,” Director of Communications Andi Johnston stated in an email. “Prior to the filing, District personnel had been working with complete transparency in providing Attorney General Bonta’s office with requested documents and records. Superintendent Enfield spoke with the DOJ’s legal counsel weekly to confirm the District was providing requested files, which had changed several times from the original subpoena.”

The state’s lawsuit contends that the policy is discriminatory against transgender and “gender non-conforming” students, and violates state constitution which mandates equal protection for all student irrespective of their sexual expression, sexual orientation, or identity.

“Every student has the right to learn and thrive in a school environment that promotes safety, privacy, and inclusivity – regardless of their gender identity,” Bonta said in a statement. “We’re in court challenging Chino Valley Unified’s forced outing policy for wrongfully and unconstitutionally discriminating against and violating the privacy rights of LGBTQ+ students. The forced outing policy wrongfully endangers the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of non-conforming students who lack an accepting environment in the classroom and at home. Our message to Chino Valley Unified and all school districts in California is loud and clear: We will never stop fighting for the civil rights of LGBTQ+ students.”

Parents have stressed that they have a right to be informed about the decisions their children make at school. 

Sadly, blue states like California will seek to impose these degenerate policies at will. The goal here is to not only reconstruct clear-cut sexual identities and orientations, but also foster intra-familial strife that will result in the absolute destruction of the family unit.

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