Degenerate VICE Media Laments That ‘Life-Saving Trans Surgeries Are Delayed’ Due to Coronavirus

While most individuals are worried about avoiding the Chinese coronavirus and how they will make ends meet during the pandemic, the degenerates at VICE Media are worried that not enough mentally ill people are getting their genitals mutilated.

VICE lamented that “trans communities on Reddit and Twitter are being flooded with reports of postponed and canceled surgeries in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Thailand, and elsewhere, leading to enormous stress and disappointment on top of a global health crisis.”

Violet Jones, a 29-year-old trans “woman,” is complaining that “her” surgical procedure is likely to be cancelled. Jones is irate that coronavirus concerns are taking precedent over her gender-bending delusions being enabled by Mengelean butchers.

“A change to the date would pretty radically alter my plans and overall security around the procedure. The surgery was scheduled to allow recovery during [my school’s] summer months without a gap in pay,” she told VICE.

So-called “gender-affirming procedures,” such as removing birth genitalia and replacing it with a gaping wound, are considered non-urgent, which the transgender community feels is a form of discrimination.

“This is the third time it’s been postponed. It’s getting more and more heartbreaking to keep getting so close to something that will make me feel better and feel like I’m in the right body for once,” said 23-year-old trans “man” Riley Cooper, who was expecting to get breast tissue removed to harbor “his” delusions.

“Every time I feel like I’ve gotten close, something has to come along to take it away,” Cooper added.

Joshua Safer, Executive Director at Mount Sinai’s Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, defended the policy of delaying transgender surgeries to VICE as common sense.

“In light of the difficult circumstances due to COVID-19, the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery has taken the extraordinary but necessary steps of postponing all non-emergent gender-affirming surgeries,” Safer said.

“This will protect our transgender and non-binary patients from the risk of transmission of COVID-19 while at the hospital, and will allow the hospital the capacity to care for critically ill COVID-19 patients,” he added.

The severely mentally-ill individuals within the transgender community are not willing to listen to reason.

“I’ve spent my entire life falling asleep while begging any theoretical omnipotent beings to let me wake up in the body I need to feel comfortable, and, [in May], that was finally going to happen,” Jones said.

“To lose that security would really harm my mental health and make it feel like it may never actually happen,” Jones added.

These ghastly procedures, which will ultimately go down among the worst medical abuses in human history, are currently on hold, much to the chagrin of the soulless degenerates at VICE.

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