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DELUSION: As Covington Catholic Defamation Trial Begins, WaPo Argues It ‘Exonerated’ Nick Sandmann

The fake news lives in an alternate reality.



The first defamation case filed on behalf of Nicholas Sandmann, the young man who was profiled by the mass media as a racist for wearing a Trump hat and being harassed by social justice activists in Washington D.C., against the Washington Post is now underway. A hearing on a motion to dismiss was heard earlier today.

Attorney Lin Wood, who is representing Sandmann alongside lawyer Todd McMurtry, reported that the Post is arguing in the court of law that their reporting “exonerated” the young man from social media attacks in the hopes of getting the lawsuit dismissed.

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Wood described other bizarre legal arguments offered by the best lawyers that globalist Jeff Bezos’ billions could buy.

Sandmann is looking for $250 million from the corporate fake news giant that is renown for their anti-conservative bias. Judge William O. Bertelsman will decide whether or not to dismiss the lawsuit at the Post’s behest in the upcoming weeks.

Wood and McMurtry liken the newspaper’s actions to a “modern-day form of McCarthyism” where the Post fought with other publishing outfits to “claim leadership” over a mob of “bullies which attacked, vilified, and threatened Nicholas Sandmann.”

They claim Sandmann’s reputation was “permanently scarred” by the incident, and he received many death threats as a result from the Post’s shoddy reporting.

Sandmann and his attorneys are also suing CNN and NBC for $275 million in two separate cases.

If justice is served in the court of law, there could be a precedent of huge monetary losses for rags that perpetrate fake news and demonize individuals unjustly.

Fake News Media

Fox News is ‘Very Proud’ of Chris Wallace Shilling for Joe Biden at First Presidential Debate

This news entity has sold out.



Fox News has released a statement indicating they are “very proud” of the way journalist Chris Wallace behaved at the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“We’d like to take a moment to thank and congratulate Chris Wallace for moderating last night’s extraordinary debate,” wrote Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace in a memo.

“We are extremely proud of his professionalism, skill and fortitude in a unique situation while doing everything possible to hold both candidates accountable. No moderator could have managed a debate of that magnitude better than Chris,” they added.

The full memo can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on the overwhelming level of bias exhibited during the debate by Wallace, who seemed as if he was the person debating Trump instead of Biden at many points:

The Donald Trump campaign has indicated that ‘neutral’ moderator Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump a whopping 76 times during Tuesday’s debate. Wallace, who is known for harboring liberal sympathies, was widely criticized by conservatives for his partiality in moderating the contest.

It appears that Biden actually spent more time talking during the debate than Trump did, despite Wallace consistently maintaining that Trump was breaking the rules.

Wallace continually invoked the rules that allot two minutes for each answer to each candidate, but declined to interrupt Biden when he violated them. He flouted neutrality most during the ‘open discussion’ segments, waiting for a moment when Biden appeared flustered or challenged by the President to change the subject.

Wallace conveniently changed the subject when Trump pressed Biden to identify any law enforcement union that endorsed him…

Wallace also provided the same convenient handicap when Biden described the terrorist group ANTIFA as an ‘idea.’ …

Biden assailed Trump with a hail of personally charged insults, calling him a ‘clown,’ a ‘racist,’ a ‘fool,’ and a ‘puppy.’ Wallace did not object to any of the character attacks utilized by Biden…

At this point, if Biden refuses to a contest with a moderator unaffiliated with a mainstream corporate media outlet, just do the debates without a moderator. Have the two candidates speak in an open-ended fashion without the use of a convenient handicap to cut off any content that might prove harmful to the Democrat’s electoral prospects.

Fox News has drifted left-ward over the past several years, as President Trump has acutely recognized.

“What’s going on with Fox? What’s going on there? They’re putting more Democrats on than you have Republicans. Something strange is going on at Fox! Something very strange,” Trump said publicly after South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was promoted heavily by the network.

“Did you see this guy last night? I did want to watch, you’ve always got to watch the competition if you call it that. And he was knocking the hell out of Fox and Fox is putting him on. Somebody is going to have to have to explain the whole Fox deal to me,” Trump added.

Fox News has sold out and can no longer be relied upon to support conservative values, with the only exceptions being their primetime lineup.

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