DELUSIONAL: Biden Admin Officials Complain About Media Bias… Against Them!

Biden White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain opted to play the role of an oppressed victim in a new tweet, sharing a Washington Post article making the laughable claim txhat Joe Biden has received more critical and biased coverage from the mainstream media than former President Donald Trump.

The piece, locked under oligarch Jeff Bezos’ paywall, is available for research purposes here.

The fake news color commentary piece, written by Dana Milbank, makes the over-the-top claim that the corporate media is participating in the “murder of democracy” by failing to cover for Biden’s failures as a President and run interference for the historically unpopular establishment politician. Milbank cites press coverage making excuses for Biden’s poor popularity and embarrassing Democratic losses in pre-midterm elections such as Virginia’s gubernatorial upset, advocating that the corporate media go all in on naked propaganda and color commentary in favor of Biden instead of anything even mildly critical.

The fake news piece calls upon the media to act as “partisans for democracy,” conflating democracy itself with the policy agenda and coronation of one-party rule under the Democratic Party. Real democracy itself is incompatible with Milbank’s vision of limitless worship of Joe Biden.

Klain himself is partial to Milbank’s claims, with Biden insiders under the false perception the President’s unpopularity with the public is the fault of the media.

President Donald Trump was subjected to some of the most dishonest press coverage in the history of American media, with the establishment press entirely devoted to propagating a fake news story that falsely accused Trump of working with Russia to coordinate fictitious “election interference” in the 2016 campaign.

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