Dem Mayor Arrested for Fraud: ‘I’m Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty’

The mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts is refusing to resign after his arrest on suspicion of fraud, which he allegedly used to fund a luxurious lifestyle.

“I am presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” Mayor Jasiel Correia said at a Tuesday press conference. “I will not allow political enemies to remove me from office.”

Thank goodness for the fundamental American right to due process, which protects Democrat Correia, mere weeks after his party attempted to destroy it during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Once again, Democrats seem to have one set of rules for themselves, and another for their political adversaries. Kavanaugh, you might remember, was branded by Democrats and their mouthpieces in the left wing media as a gang rapist and sexual abuser over unprovable allegations of sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident that happened 36 years ago.

“Not arrogantly, not selfishly, but humbly, I will continue to every day show how hard working your mayor is, and I will not resign,” Correia said.

“Federal prosecutors allege¬†Correia stole $231,447¬†from investors to fund a lavish lifestyle. He allegedly spent the money on designer clothes, a Mercedes-Benz, jewelry, his mayoral campaign, travel, student loan and credit card payments, casinos and adult entertainment,” according to a report.

“The money was supposed to go toward developing an app, SnoOwl, to connect businesses with customers. Authorities says he persuaded seven people to invest $363,690 in the company.”



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