Democrat Approval Of Joe Biden Down 24 Points In Only 12 Months

Image Source: The Liberty Daily

It appears The Don was not incorrect about Joe Biden’s prophecy of leading a sleepy presidency. A new report revealed that only 69 percent of Democrat voters approve of Joe Biden’s performance in the White House.

The survey was sourced by Monday polling from Civiqs.

Civiqs | Joe Biden: Job Approval archived June 21, 2022, 15:46:25 UTC

To give the reader an idea of how disastrous such numbers could be for Biden, consider that his approval among Democrats during spring 2021 consistently held above 90%. The White House occupant’s approval ratings have dropped considerably since amid various policy disasters including the embarrassing and botched Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation hitting record 40-year highs, soaring gas prices, and widely held perceptions among the American people that US politicians care more about the borders of foreign interests such as Ukraine over that of their own nation.

Former President Trump faired far better in his record of approval ratings throughout his time in office. Surveys show Trump had an approval rating of over 90% among members of the GOP until it dropped to about 85% just before his departure from office. Breitbart News reported that this makes Biden’s approval rating a full 16 points worse than Trump’s last approval rating score.

Civiqs | Donald Trump: Job Approval archived June 21, 2022, 17:31:53 UTC

Breitbart additionally reported that numerous polls have consistently shown Trump trouncing Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch.

Some Biden allies have pleaded with other Democrats to assist them in defending him, including Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna.

“The Democratic Party needs to rally around President Biden heading into the midterms and heading into the president’s re-election,” Khanna told the New York Times. “If people have constructive ideas, they should share them. But they should do it in a spirit of strengthening this president’s hand.”

Biden adviser Cedric Richmond blamed others for Joe Biden’s negatively perceived performance in office, suggesting members of his own party are not doing enough to help the White House occupant.

“It’s nice for Democratic leaders to come up with ideas,” Richmond said. “But if the ideas are illegal or if they don’t work or if they place people in more harm, he’s not going to do it.”

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