Democrat-Backed ‘Republican Accountability Project’ Urges Pro-Trump Lawmakers to Resign for Opposing Voter Fraud

The deceptively-named Republican Accountability Project is targeting Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) and other lawmakers who opposed voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The group is putting millions of dollars toward billboards and other ads targeting pro-Trump Republicans who refused to fold to the pressure and endorsed election fraud when the entire globalist system was coming down upon them as a result of their brave stand.

“Since the night of Jan. 6, most Republicans in Congress have been trying to make us forget what happened or rewrite the story,” said Sarah Longwell, executive director of the organization. “We won’t allow them to get away with helping incite an insurrection. They can’t be trusted with power, and we won’t forget it.”

In addition to targeting Brooks, they will also be targeting Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Louie Gohmert of Texas, and House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California.

The Republican Accountability Project is part of the umbrella organization Defending Democracy Together, which was formed as a partnership between Democrat oligarchs and “Never Trump” neocons like former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.

Big League Politics has reported on how Defending Democracy Together is funded by progressive billionaire Pierre Omidyar:

Lately, Iraq War architect and neoconservative family prince Bill Kristol has been enjoying a career second wind as a “principled conservative” token of the left, receiving pure adulation from MSNBC liberals for denunciations of American nationalism and the Trump administration.

It seems Kristol’s political travel comes with a hefty financial incentive. In a report from American Greatness’ Julie Kelly, it was revealed that Kristol’s umbrella organization ‘Defending Democracy Together’ has recieved at least $600,000 from eBay founder and progressive billionaire sugar daddy Pierre Omidyar.

Omidyar is known as a prolific funder of Democratic and progressive organizations and causes. A 2014 report of the Media Research Center placed him on the highest tier elite liberal donors, comparable to “Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer, and Jonathan Soros.” 

The latter is the son of the “charitable” kingpin, George Soros. Omidyar himself has donated extensively to Soros’ Open Society Foundations to the tunes of millions- meaning that Kristol, a supposed “conservative,” finds himself financially tied to Soros.”

The Republican Accountability Group is as big of a scam as the Lincoln Project. The dregs of the GOP are reinventing themselves as Democrats, and pathetic leftists are falling for the scam out of weakness and desperation.

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