Democrat Congressman: Cartel Smugglers Telling Migrants “Border Will be Open” After Biden Inaugurated

A Texas Democratic Congressman has indicated cartel and human smuggling groups are encouraging illegal immigration in Mexico and Central America, citing a tentative Joe Biden presidency and advertising soft border policies. Trans-national criminal organizations have facilitated illegal immigration for decades, seeking to profit from the sale of smuggling services.

Rep. Henry Cuellar told Border Report that he had been told of a campaign to encourage illegal immigration in the region. “The bad guys are starting to promote to people of Central America and Mexico that ‘the border will be open; it will be different so start getting ready to come.‘”

Cuellar cited a congressional DHS briefing, going so far as to reveal that drug cartels are “promoting and staging” groups of illegal immigrants for potential smuggling operations. CBP and DHS officials have already begun reporting a ‘Biden surge’ of illegal migration, confirming a theory that inflows of illegal migration vary considerably on the basis of perceived US policy changes.

A Joe Biden presidency could lead to the resumption of the so-called “caravan” phenomenon, in which groups in the thousands of destitute Central American migrants travel through Mexico with the expectation of being granted legal residency in the United States. Biden has pledged to exclusively deport illegal migrants who are convicted of felonies, creating a system of de facto open borders in the United States that could lead to the largest inflow of illegal immigrants in American history.

The Trump Administration’s “Stay-in-Mexico” asylum processing policy and agreements with the Mexican government to deter caravans largely stopped the flow of the migrant caravans in 2018, but new caravans are said to be departing Honduras and Guatemala in recent weeks, with the reported election of Joe Biden creating the belief they’ll reach the United States.

Cuellar advocated for continued cooperation with Mexico to deter inflows of illegal immigration during a tentative Joe Biden presidency.

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