Democrat Governors Join ANTIFA to Terrorize New York Young Republicans President Following Successful Event

New York Young Republicans (NYYRs) president Gavin Wax is being harassed, threatened and banned from social media following his organization’s successful event last night featuring journalist James O’Keefe and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Twitter suspended Wax today for saying that ANTIFA domestic terrorists should be jailed for their crimes against the Bill of Rights and Constitution:

In addition, ANTIFA terrorists are targeting Wax’s neighborhood to dox him with false and misleading characterizations – opening him up to harassment or violence from extremists.

The ANTIFA campaign of terror against Wax coincides many vicious attacks he has received from public officials. Governor Andrew Cuomo has had his bureaucratic goons attack Wax and the NYYRs for refusing to buckle against intense pressure.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy went Full Gestapo and said he would have police “investigate” the Young Republicans meeting and issued some lame tough talk against Gaetz as well:

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop also issued threats against Wax and the NYYRs:

Jersey City Prosecutor Jake Hudnut flagrantly abused his power, closing down the restaurant that hosted the event in a power play against his political opponents:

Before he was banned from Twitter, Wax made a fool of Gov. Murphy due to his extreme hypocrisy:

Wax talked to Big League Politics about the insanity that is going on in New York and New Jersey. He is emboldened by the push back from anti-American Democrats, who are ripping off the veil and showing they are naked tyrants, and intends to keep up the fight.

“We did not back down against the assault on our 1st Amendment rights by New York Governor Cuomo and his goons, and we will not back down against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his thugs either,” said Wax, who is considering defamation suits against deranged Democrat officials who are putting his safety in danger with their unhinged rhetoric.

“We encourage other groups to stand against these petty tyrants and their exploitation of fear over a virus with a 99.9 percent recovery rate. We need widespread civil disobedience to save the Bill of Rights and Constitution,” he continued.

“If anyone has anything to answer for, it is governors Cuomo and Murphy for putting COVID patients into nursing homes and facilitating a genocide of our most vulnerable so they could consolidate power and hurt President Trump,” Wax added.

Wax is creating the blueprint for bold, principled Republican leadership that can lead the “America First” movement after President Trump finishes his second term in office.

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