Democrat Insiders: California’s Dianne Feinstein is in Serious Cognitive Decline

Reporting from the New Yorker cites several congressional Democrat insiders who say that longtime California Senator Dianne Feinstein has cognitively declined, considerably.

The sources claim that Feinstein, 87, routinely forgets briefings from her senatorial staff, often asking her employees why they failed to brief her about something they recently discussed. Feinstein has asked the same question at Senate hearings twice, and is said to often forget the contents of senatorial proceedings immediately after they’re over.

The staff is in such a bad position,” said a former Democrat Senate aide. “They have to defend her and make her seem normal.” Another aide cited obvious signs of decline. “She’s an incredibly effective human being, but there’s definitely been deterioration in the last year. She’s in a very different mode now.”

The Democratic Party is notoriously loathe to give new leaders positions of power in Congress, with 80-year old Democrat Nancy Pelosi serving as the party’s congressional leader. Joe Biden stands to become the oldest president ever to be sworn in on Inauguration Day, if ruled the victor of the 2020 presidential election, taking office at the ripe age of 78.

Feinstein stepped down as the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee in November, with caucus members displeased she failed to aggressively attack Amy Coney Barrett during the justice’s confirmation hearings. Feinstein has been serving in elected office since 1970, and in the Senate since 1992.

For any and all talk of “progress,” the Democratic Party appears totally reliant on a generation of leaders who hail from the historical apex of American prosperity and liberalism, having come of age in the 1950’s and 60’s. The liberal elite are increasingly divorced from the everyday circumstances and lives of normal citizens, instead opting to wall themselves off in ultra-affluent enclaves segregated by race and class.

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