Democrat Judge Candidate Campaigns While Wanted for Domestic Violence

South Carolina Democrat Judge Campaigns Arrest Warrant
Credit: Diondra Love / Facebook

A Democrat candidate for Probate Judge in South Carolina is still campaigning despite the warrant issued for her arrest.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Diondra Love, who is campaigning to become Probate Court judge in York County, South Carolina. Love is wanted for second-degree domestic violence stemming from an August 3 police report filed by Love’s husband, Steven Love, who alleges she hit him in his eye. The warrant was issued on August 8, and York police say they have been unable to locate the candidate.

Yet, over the last two months Love has continued her campaign for public office. Her campaign website describes her as “innovative and knowledgeable,” and suggests her “critical thinking and communication skills” allow her to correctly assess difficult situations.

Love’s Facebook Page is updated every few hours, and she is hosting a “Soul Food Sunday” fundraising event in South Carolina this weekend.

Diondra Love / Facebook

Her crowd funding campaign on political website CrowdPAC shows Love has been fundraising in the period after the arrest warrant was issued. Since September, Love has raised over $1,000, with the most recent donation coming only two weeks ago.

Love’s campaign literature states she is a “Criminal Justice Instructor” with “over 17 years as a mental health administrator,” who has experience “helping attorneys build comprehensive and cohesive cases.”

Love also describes herself as “a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend,” who had “core family values, morals and determination” instilled in her from a young age.

While South Carolina election officials have confirmed there is no law requiring a candidate to stop his or her political campaign due to an arrest warrant, there has also been no official statement from Love or her campaign.  It is unclear if she is aware of the arrest warrant.

The Love campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

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