Democrat Leaders Praise EU Communications Coup

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Democrat Leaders Praise EU Communications Coup – New legislation has been agreed upon by the European Union and the European Parliament that will assist officials in putting an end to their online critics. And, having had so much of their criminal activity leaked over the years, Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton are cheerleading this assault on the European people with clear plans to push similar legislation here at home.

The Digital Services Act (DSA) will compel Big Tech companies to police their platforms and remove illegal and “harmful” content, such as “hate speech,” and to increase censorship during times of emergency, or suffer harsh penalties — it’s “safe and effective” and “we need to get more involved in Ukraine” or you’re banned.

– Democrat Leaders Praise EU Communications Coup –

“Democracy is back,” said Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition chief, in celebration of new online censorship legislation meant to extinguish opposition to bureaucratic rule over Europe.

While the agreement is being enforced an ocean away, there are very clear signals that our own government has similar goals in mind for Americans’ online communications. Besides Barack Obama’s recent talk calling for tech and advertising professionals to “pick a side” in his crusade for censorship in the U.S., Hillary Clinton has come out as an admirer of this particular EU imposition.

Commenting on what she called “historic” legislation, Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, described it as meant to “ensure that the online environment remains a safe space.” 


From the Democrats’ calls for Spotify to censor its podcasts to elected officials, bureaucrats and media agents burying Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop for well over a year, conservatives have recently gotten a serious wakeup call about what our government deems “disinformation” and “misinformation.” 

– Democrat Leaders Praise EU Communications Coup –

And we can see their path forward in our current Big Tech oligarchs’ selective censorship of effective conservative voices online. Make no mistake, this is not about preserving democracy; this is about controlling the flow of information between people.

As the movement for free speech online finds reinvigoration in the assertive actions by a list of recent heroic advocates, from Elon Musk to Joe Rogan, the people most concerned with masking the truth — and masking you — have found an Orwellian approach to combating the spread of contraband information: stop free speech in the name of “democracy.”

The key, say advocates of the legislation, is to strengthen democracies by controlling the information voters are allowed access to. And while, right now, we see Big Tech tacitly act as agents of the Democratic Party in the U.S., the clear push is to regulate internet communications at the government level, where no benevolent billionaires can interfere with their monopoly.


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