Democrat Political Officials are Working on Giving Aid to Illegal Aliens Instead of Economically Distressed Americans

As Americans face increasing degrees of economic uncertainty, some Democrat-controlled jurisdictions are preparing to dole out money for illegal aliens.

California Governor Gavin Newsom and the state legislation are developing a plan to offer Wuhan Virus aid to illegal aliens in California who were not covered by the federal government’s stimulus package.

“Californians care deeply about undocumented residents in this state,” Newsom stated, according to a report from The Associated Press.

About 2 million people in California are suspected illegal aliens, per research from the California Latino Legislative Caucus. The group has requested that Newsom establish a “Disaster Relief Fund” for cash payments to illegal aliens until the state’s emergency declaration is lifted or they are allowed to go back to work.

Newsom stated that “all of that is being considered,” including a more comprehensive package he plans to roll out in May that will include “some economic stimulus strategies at a state level, not just waiting for the federal government to do that for us.”

“Californians care deeply about undocumented residents in this state,” he commented.

California has been a national leader in expanding taxpayer-funded benefits for immigrants living in the country illegally. In 2019, elected officials made California the first state in the country to provide taxpayer-funded health benefits to low-income adults 25 and younger living in the country illegally.

Shifting gears to Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued an executive order granting Wuhan Virus benefits to illegal aliens.

On April 7, Lightfoot revealed her program to provide aid to illegals.

This plan also included housing assistance and low-interest small business loans run by the city.

Although the stimulus bill was a massive spending monstrosity, illegal aliens were at least excluded from the $2 trillion federal spending bonanza. The package is only for individuals who have filed federal taxes using Social Security numbers.

It’s abundantly clear that globalist Democrats care about serving illegal interlopers as opposed to Americans in need.

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