Democrat Senator Forced to Apologize Over ‘Racist’ Comments

A Connecticut State Senator has given in to the social justice lynch mob and apologized for a benign joke that he made to a Planned Parenthood lobbyist last week.

“I’d like to first publicly apologize to the woman who I spoke with yesterday at the Capitol,” state Sen. John Fonfara (D-Hartford) said. “Offending her was certainly not my intention and I sincerely apologize that I did.”

The baby-killing activist, a black woman by the name of Arvia Walker, stopped Fonfara in the hallway if the state capitol to chat. She was wearing a pin that said “I Stand With Black Women.”

After their brief interaction, Fonfara joked that he needed a pin that says “I Stand With White Men.”

His comment sent Walker into a rage, and she took to Facebook to vent.

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“To look me in my face and say something so deeply rooted in white supremacy and disconnected from the lived experiences of the people that he is HIRED (by us) to represent is unacceptable,” she said.

“Hartford folks, August 2018, November 2018,” she continued, alluding to the state’s upcoming primary and general elections.

Apparently, the irony is lost on Walker. If Fonfara’s comments are rooted in white supremacy, then the slogan on her pin is rooted in black supremacy. How is one comment racist, but the exact same comment pertaining to a different race not racist?

Frankly, the entire exchange is hilarious. The social justice left is literally eating itself alive.

“I plan to host a community conversation and again I offer my sincerest apologies to the woman I offended with my insensitive comment yesterday,” said Fonfara.

The “community conversation” will likely get Fonara nowhere, which is fine. I’m sure there will be a few qualified Republicans looking to takeover his seat.

Perhaps other candidates will even support the denial of federal funding for Walker’s organization, Planned Parenthood.

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