Democrat Tells Tucker: Party Has Gone ‘Absolutely Crazy’

A Democrat and former CIA operations officer appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday and had some harsh words about the state of his own political party.

“Let’s be very clear here,” said Bryan Dean Wright. “In the past five years we [Democrats] have gone from being pretty normal about most border solutions to being absolutely crazy. We have people in our party who openly advocate for open borders.”

Wright might be one of the only sane Democrats left on the issue of illegal immigration – or at least willing to espouse his sane beliefs in national media.

Wright continued:

“We have 1000 to 3000 people who cross the southern border every single day. “Now that should be a starting point to say ‘What we’re doing now isn’t working.’ Now the Democrats are proposing $1.3 billion [for border security] just like they did last year and the years prior. What that tells me is my party is saying, ‘Look, let’s just keep doing business as usual,’ even though business as usual is getting us 3000 people crossing the border every day. Now that’s just crazy! Everybody watching this program – and most reasonable people – will say ‘Why are we doubling down on stupid? Why are we doubling down on broken? That doesn’t make any sense!'”

Carlson noted that there is a bi-partisan consensus in Washington, D.C., that says it is morally wrong to solve the crisis of illegal immigration at the border. Wright was clear in the fact that he finds that notion absurd, too.

“Why are people using those kinds of talking points? Look, it’s about inflaming passions so that we don’t focus on facts” Wright said. “Because if we talk about ‘America is Nazi Germany, and we talk about ‘Trump is Hitler’ then we don’t really focus on the fundamentals, which is that we have a lot people coming across the border, most of whom do not speak English, most of whom do not have a high school education, who will be a net drain on the economy.”

In softer language, Wright, a Democrat, said exactly what Carlson said last week, which was that illegal aliens, by and large, make America “dirtier” and “poorer.” Carlson has faced mild backlash and a boycott led by Hollywood numbskulls like Jedd Legum.

In reality, Carlson’s talking points on illegal immigration – a nuance that the press likes to ignore when convenient – are widely agreed upon by sensible Americans.

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