Democrat ‘Witness’ & Leftist Professor Pamela Karlan Slammed White Men in 2006 Rant

A Stanford professor that Democrats in Congress trotted out as a supposedly serious witness attacked white men in a bitter rant to the American Constitution Society in 2006.

Karlan testified in support of President Trump’s impeachment(that won’t happen as long as Republicans control the Senate) in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, invoking her supposed expertise to claim that the President had committed impeachable acts by negotiating with Ukraine.

Yet her testimony appears to be all but worthless in the light of a clip that emerged of Karlan speaking in 2006, where she revealed her animosity against white men. The clip was first reported upon by Raheem Kassam.

The elite university professor attacked white men in vicious terms when speaking to the liberal group.

The rich, pampered, prodigal, sanctimonious, incurious, white, straight sons of the powerful do pretty well everywhere in the world, and they always have.

But what about us? Snarky, bisexual, Jewish women who want the freedom to say what we think, read what we want, and love who we do.

Karlan’s remarks were shamelessly slanted and prejudiced in 2006, but they’re even more inexcusable today. As the elite law school professor touts herself as a victim, it’s worth noting that white men have the highest suicide rate in America.

Surely Karlan can’t be considered an impartial and unbiased witness in light of her 2006 comments. She harbors prejudice against white men such as Donald Trump, and can’t be trusted to evaluate or judge them objectively.

It’s well past time to stop taking the nation’s coastal elite universities seriously. They’re merely indoctrination centers for faux-victims such as Karlan, who punch downward at those they perceive to be “bigots” from a comfortable perch in high society.


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