“Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders Calls to Criminalize “Misinformation” On Climate Change

According to a report by Did Rankovic of Reclaim of the Net, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is calling for the prosecution and imprisonment of individuals and entities that allegedly promote “illegal misinformation” regarding climate change. 

Sanders co-signed a letter with fellow Democrats in the Senate calling on the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to criminalize climate change skeptic discourse. 

Thus far, this proposal is targeting companies who are merely pushing for policies that allow them to operate without having to go through burdensome environmental policies. Corporations are an easy target here. But once this type of legislation is imposed, other dissenters will inevitably be targeted. 

Several energy giants such as ExxonMobile and Shell were mentioned in the letter so as to generate populist sentiment. However, the dirty secret with such measures is that they will be extended to the broader population and could have a deleterious impact on a whole array of independent journalists and other dissident figures. 

Sanders and his colleagues want to reassure skeptics that this measure would mostly focus on the fossil fuel industry. “The fossil fuel industry has had scientific evidence about the dangers of climate change and the role that burning fossil fuels play in increasing global temperatures for more than 50 years,” the letter read.

The letter added: “To coordinate their illegal misinformation campaign, the fossil fuel industry funded a multimillion-dollar plan through the American Petroleum Institute that sought to make climate change a ‘non-issue.’”

Such a proposal is bad news but it’s to be expected from the likes of Bernie Sanders. Once one of the more intriguing figures on the political Left for his unique views on immigration restriction, Sanders has turned into a typical leftist that supports all manner of economic intervention that causes people’s living standards to decline. At this point, Sanders should hang up the gloves because he’s just another leftist fossil who’s taking up space in Congress. 

Both the Left and the Right need new blood in Congress.

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