Democrats and Republicans Agree: Robert Mueller Has Disgraced Himself Before Congress

Although certain left-wing spin doctors are in denial, firm consensus has emerged across the political spectrum that today’s Congressional testimony from former FBI special counsel Robert Mueller has been a disaster.

Many commentators on the Right are theorizing that Mueller, who seemed to be unable to answer questions directly, has not even read the contents of his own report:

Others simply mocked the hapless and disgraced former FBI spook for his weak and frazzled display:

Even Fox News, a traditionally conservative network that has gone globalist and turned on President Trump in recent months, had to admit Mueller’s ineptitude while covering his testimony:

The fake news hacks of the mainstream media had to admit the huge victory for President Trump and the Republicans, with impeachment seeming less likely than ever before in lieu of Mueller’s dismal performance:

Former Obama strategist David Axelrod and anti-Trump Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard University, Lawrence Tribe had to admit the obvious as well:

To all honest commentators on the Left and the Right, it is clear that Mueller’s testimony has been a nightmare for the Democrats and their ongoing efforts to undermine the legitimacy of President Donald Trump.

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