Democrats are Still Trying to Move Amnesty Through a Budget Bill

Democrats’ attempts to pass amnesty are moving along in the House, which is raising concerns in several nationalist circles.

According to Washington Watcher II of VDARE, House Democrats were able to pass a $3.5 trillion budget bill on August 24, 2021. However, Washington Watcher II explained that there’s more to this bill than meets the eye:

It’s not an actual bill, but a framework to craft legislation. The resolution’s passage came with concessions to “moderate” Democrats [House Passes $3.5 Trillion Budget Blueprint, Sets Deadline for Infrastructure Bill, by Kristina Peterson and Andrew Duehren, Wall Street Journal, August 24, 2021].

Washington Watcher II added: 

Moderates want to disentangle a separate infrastructure bill from the budget bill’s progress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously vowed to hold no vote on the infrastructure bill—which moderates support and does not contain amnesty—until there’s a vote on the budget bill. But Pelosi caved on this demand and set a deadline for a vote on the infrastructure bill (September 27) that separates its passage from that of the budget bill. Simply put, moderates don’t have to vote for the budget bill before they vote for the infrastructure bill.

These developments slightly lower the chances of this bill’s chances of being passed. Washington Watcher II noted that “moderates are less inclined to vote for it if their preferred legislation—the infrastructure bill—can pass without a vote on the bill containing amnesty.” However, moderates are hesitant about backing the budget bill because of the price tag, not because it includes amnesty. Moderate Democrats fear that such a massive budget bill could have their constituents taking on a bigger tax burden, therefore jeopardizing many reps’ electoral prospects in 2022 should they vote for the budget.  

Washington Watcher II explained below that the details of the bill remain unclear:

The amnesty provisions are still not clear yet. As reported earlier this month, the bill will allot over $100 billion to legalizing illegals and there could be as many as 10 million illegal aliens eligible for the amnesty. It’s expected to include ‘Dreamers’—illegal aliens who arrived as minors—migrants covered by Temporary Protected Status, and illegal ‘essential workers.’”

For now, Democrats are relying on passing this budget bill via the reconciliation process, which Washington Watcher II outlined below:

Even though the blueprint was approved by a narrow margin and without any Republican support, that still doesn’t guarantee passage. The bill aims to go through the reconciliation process. Through this procedure, a bill can pass with a simple majority if it is found to pertain to the budget. This determination is made by the Senate Parliamentarian. For the bill to pass, every Democrat in the House and the Senate has to vote for it. If four Democrats vote against it in the House or if one Democrat votes against it in the Senate, it dies. Even if every House Democrat votes for it, it could still be rejected by the parliamentarian. According to sources, Republicans on Capitol Hill place their hope in stopping the bill.

Indeed, the dynamics of factions within the Democratic Party in Congress will likely spell doom for any amnesty bills. A number of Democrats are situated in swing states and are worried about their re-election prospects. No matter what the media say, immigration remains a hot-button issue that activates angry voters nationwide. All told, these dynamics could be what capsizes any effort to pass amnesty in Congress.

Nonetheless, national populists should stay on guard. These are the times when the ruling class will try to pull all sorts of tricks to sneak amnesty through. Immigration is a foundational issue that requires all of us to be ready to fight back and use whatever institutional means possible to stop amnesty in its tracks.

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