Democrats are Trying to Open the Floodgates to Palestinian Migrants After Hamas Attack on Israel

Several Democrat leaders such as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and Washington Congresswomanman Pramila Jayapal are calling on the Biden regime to designate the Palestinian territories a “Temporary Protected Status,” allowing foreign nationals to remain in the United States in an effort to ostensibly de-escalate tensions in Israel after the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023. 

“We urge your Administration to designate the Palestinian territories for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and/or authorize Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Palestinians present in the United States,” the draft letter to President Joe Biden said. “As you know, TPS and DED offer temporary relief from removal and work authorization for eligible foreign nationals who are unable to return safely to their home countries or part of a country.’”

“In light of [the] ongoing armed conflict, Palestinians already in the United States should not be forced to return to the Palestinian territories,” the letter added. “Following the horrific October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas and Israel’s ensuing military response, conditions in the Palestinian territories have greatly deteriorated.” Durbin subsequently alluded to figures from a United Nations agency, which highlighted, “as of October 29, at least 8,000 Palestinians have been killed. This includes more than 3,300 children, which, according to Save the Children, is more than the number of children killed in all of the world’s armed conflicts on an annual basis since 2019.”

“TPS or DED would enable Palestinians currently present in the U.S., including students, tourists, and workers, to be protected from a dangerous return to their homeland while affording them the ability to remain safely in the U.S. and to work legally to support themselves and their families,” the draft letter asserted “As such, we urge your Administration to designate the Palestinian territories for TPS and/or to authorize DED for Palestinians in the United States without delay.”

The letter will also be sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. 

Durbin is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has become one the most vocal voices in favor  of a humanitarian pause in Gaza to protect civilian life, provided that Hamas releases its hostages. “Well, I believe that what I said earlier about ceasefire is there are circumstances — for example, the release of those who have been kidnapped as part of it — an indication that this is a good-faith effort on the part of the other side,” Durbin said  to CNN on November 2, 2023. “The release of those kidnapped should be part of this — immediate release. That should be the beginning of it,” he continued. “An effort should be made to engage in conversation between the Israelis and Palestinians.”

The reported draft letter emerged less than two months after the Biden regime granted Venezuela TPS status, thereby allowing close to 500,000 illegal aliens who had entered the US since July to legally work and continue residing in the country.

“Temporary protected status provides individuals already present in the United States with protection from removal when the conditions in their home country prevent their safe return,” Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, wrote in a statement at the time when he announced the policy move. “That is the situation that Venezuelans who arrived here on or before July 31 of this year find themselves in. We are accordingly granting them the protection that the law provides.”

In a similar vein, Ari Blaff of the National Review noted that the Biden regime granted authorization to 30,000 illegal aliens from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to live and work in the US for up to two years if they have a financial sponsor and have an ostensibly clean criminal record. 

The US’s “special relation” with Israel is beginning to take its toll on America. The Israelis and Palestinians are destined to be loggerheads until the end of time. The US getting into the mix will further stoke tensions. 

No doubt, Middle Americans should not bear the costs of the ruling class’s blundered relation with Israel by having to put up with a new migrant wave — this time being Palestinians. Importing Palestinians serves many interests — Big Business who wants cheap labor, anti-white lobbies who want to diversify the country, and Israelis who want to ethnically cleanse Israel of Palestinians. 

What’s going on in Israel is for the Israelis and Palestinians to settle among themselves. Moreover, any refugee resettlement efforts in the US must be categorically rejected. Full stop.

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