Democrats Didn’t Discuss Ralph Northam During Hearing on ‘White Supremacy’

During an hours-long hearing Tuesday on the supposed rise in “white supremacy” and racism in America, not a single member of the distinguished House Judiciary Committee mentioned  blackface/KKK outfit-wearing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed this extraordinary phenomenon.

“There was a Democrat-run hearing on racism yesterday. And not a single one of them brought up Governor Klansman, from their own party, the currently-serving Governor of Virginia. And that is how you know this isn’t about racism to them, its about politics,” OANN’s Jack Posobiec said on Twitter.

The Democrats on the Committee did find time, though, to insinuate that black conservative Candace Owens is a white nationalist who supports Hitler. Naturally, she smacked Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and his brigade of goofballs down.

Meanwhile, the Northam continues to get a pass from his own party, which is supposedly the party of “anti-racism.” Indeed, it’s the party introducing a reparations bill in the House and the Senate.

But when faced with the decision of relinquishing power or supporting blatant racism, Democrats chose power.

Big League Politics exposed Northam’s racist past when we published yearbook photos showing him wearing blackface or a Klan outfit. Since then, Northam has been in hideout mode. He did promise to embark upon a “listening tour” at historically black colleges in Virginia, but was rejected at his first stop.

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