Democrats Mad That Puerto Rican Hurricane Victims Are Not Registering To Vote In Florida

A top adviser to Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns is upset that the hordes of Puerto Ricans who flowed into central Florida after Hurricane Maria are not registering to vote at a significant rate ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Democrats are making a concerted effort to push the (generously estimated) 100,000 or so Hurricane Maria exiles to sign up to vote, because Puerto Ricans largely vote for Democrats. Of course, leftist San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin infamously blocked the distribution of supplies to the storm victims to negotiate for more cash from the United States — all while necessitating that more of her constituents move to the United States to find help.

“The concern I’ve had for a while is that … the Maria impact was probably not going to be as significant as people initially thought,” Obama operative Steve Schale told the Washington Post.

“We’ve got two-and-a-half months left for voter registration. But these numbers show it’s not going to happen organically. … This is a warning flare that there’s real work to be done. … Dems need to be registering around the clock, which they clearly aren’t doing,” Schale said.

The Democratic National Committee and the union-heavy coalition Vamos4PR are trying to get out the vote with the newly arrived Puerto Ricans, but it’s not happening at a fast enough pace to satisfy the forces of the secular progressive Left.

The number of total registered voters in Florida decreased from 343,000 in the nine months leading up to the hurricane to just 326,000 in the nine months after the storm, and the rate of Hispanics registering to vote only went up from 18 to 21 percent, according to the WaPo.

Hillary Clinton desperately tried to get Puerto Ricans to move to Florida during the 2016 presidential election, which President Trump won in Florida. She told Puerto Ricans in one of her stump speeches that islanders in the American territory can vote in the Sunshine State if they move there.

Here’s what Politico Playbook’s Marc Caputo opined about my Breitbart article in 2016 detailing Clinton’s stated plan:

“DUMBEST STORY EVER? Breitbart’s Patrick Howley wrote such a terrible piece (“Hillary Plots to Import Puerto Ricans to Win Florida”) it resembles self-parody. Does he use tinfoil for a hat or a crack pipe or both? There’s zero evidence of a “plot.” Puerto Ricans have moved to (Central) Florida for years, and they’ve done so in greater numbers as the island’s economy has cratered and Zika has spread…aside from all that, the article has value. It’s a sign that the far right/Trump Industrial Complex is coming up with excuses for a potential loss.”

Nope. No loss, Marc. And now the cat is out of the bag that Democrats are engaged in a plot to get Puerto Ricans to vote in Florida. Need some paper towels to wipe up your tears?


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