Democrats Ready Lobbying Push to End Senate Filibuster In the Event of Biden Victory

D.C. Democrats are preparing a lobbying effort to erase the traditional filibuster rule in the United States Senate, which requires 60 votes for the passage of most new legislation.

Eli Zupnick, a former top aide to Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, will lead Fix Our Senate, a group that will demand the Senate alter its rules to jam through a progressive policy agenda.

Our goal is to lift the filibuster higher on progressives’ agendas … [and] make it clear to a future President Biden and Senate leadership that they expect and demand speedy Senate rules reform in 2021 and will not accept more gridlock, delays, and excuses,” Zupnick told NBC.

Senator Chris Coons of Connecticut had earlier warned that he would not ‘accept’ no for an answer when it comes to the implementation of a Biden administration agenda. Many Democrats are still upset that the then-Republican Senate minority blocked much of President Obama’s policy wish list during his administration.

I will not stand idly by for four years and watch the Biden administration’s initiatives blocked at every turn,” said the neoliberal Democrat, who frequently fashions himself as a moderate. Coons is reportedly playing a role in preparing the push to end the Senate filibuster. Joe Biden himself has been reluctant to sign off on such a proposal, claiming he wants to wait and see how he would potentially work with Senate Republicans as President.

Democrats hope to force through a boatload of progressive policies, including federal gun control(with the possibility of confiscation), unlimited abortion, new taxes on middle-class Americans, globalist free trade deals, and massive increases in legal immigration.

The demand that major legislation be passed with merely 50 votes will quickly disappear in the event that Democrats fail to secure a Senate majority in November.

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