DENIED: Rand Paul Blocks Pro-Whistleblower Resolution Pushed by Democrats, Citing ‘Fake Outrage’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has emerged as President Donald Trump’s most outspoken advocate against the newest phase of the Democrats’ witch hunt to remove him from office.

The Democrats are relying on the second-hand complaint of a “whistleblower” who hides behind anonymity to attack the President over his correspondence with the Ukraine. Democrats attempted to pass a pro-whistleblower resolution unanimously in the Senate today in order to build the case for this deep state operative.

“The threats we have seen over the last few days are so egregious they demand bipartisan outrage from one end of this chamber to the other, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, independent, liberal, moderate or conservative,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said while speaking on the Senate floor on Wednesday. “What’s happening here is another erosion of the values of this republic for political expediency.”

Schumer, who has supported the persecution of real whistleblowers like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and NSA leaker Edward Snowden, had the audacity to claim that he wanted to “send a message today that the Senate reaffirms our long standing tradition about defending whistleblowers.”

Paul was not having any of Schumer’s nauseating hypocrisy. He objected to passing the resolution unanimously, and instead proposed the passage of his legitimate bill that would protect authentic whistleblowers.

“I support whistleblowers and I do think they have a role to play in keeping government accountable … but what we have seen over the last few years is that we have a system that we should continue to refine,” Paul said.

Paul made note that his legislation would give the President the right to face his accuser. It would also apply to contractors and be retroactive, so that Snowden would be protected as well for exposing the NSA’s unconstitutional spying program in 2013.

“The bill I will introduce today will expand the whistleblower act [and] would be made retroactive so Edward Snowden can come home to live in his own country. All he did was expose that his government was not obeying the Constitution,” Paul said.

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), who co-sponsored the pro-whistleblower resolution with Schumer, was “flabbergasted” by Paul’s request.

“My colleague’s bill was just dropped on my lap literally just now. I certainly haven’t had a chance to read through the bill,” Hirono said.

Even though Hirono admitted that she has never read the bill, she claimed without knowledge of the legislation’s contents that it would subject potential whistleblowers to “threats, intimidation, [and] retaliation.”

Paul snapped back at Hirono with an objection to what he believes is her shameful opposition to the Bill of Rights.

“The Sixth Amendment is an important part of our Constitution, and the right to face your accusers is incredibly important. It’s disappointing that in these highly partisan times that an actual U.S. Senator would come to the floor and say that it is laughable that we would apply the Bill of Rights to the President. I’m very disappointed it’s come to this,” Paul said.

Paul has grown more bold in defense of the President with each passing day this week. After demanding for the fake news to release the identity of the whistleblower at a Trump rally on Monday, Paul told reporters yesterday that he would release the information himself if they didn’t do their jobs.

“I’m more than willing to, and I probably will at some point. … There is no law preventing anybody from saying the name,” Paul told reporters.

“I want it to be more about the process and less about the person,” Paul said to Bret Baier during an interview that aired on Fox News. “Nothing stops me. There’s no law that stops me from doing it other than that I don’t want to make it about the one individual.”

Paul has become President Trump’s most reliable ally in the Senate, as he shows a fearlessness that few Republicans could ever muster in fending off this deep state coup attempt.

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