Dennis Rodman: ‘I Do A Lot Of Stuff with Donald Trump’

Basketball legend Dennis Rodman believes that he should be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize due to his work fostering diplomacy with the North Korean regime.

Rodman visited North Korea during the Obama administration to meet with the North Korean dictator, play in an exhibition basketball game (which a team of former NBA players lost to the North Koreans), and hold education workshops with selected North Korean basketball players. Rodman’s relationship with Kim Jong Un helped to pave the way for more aggressive diplomacy during the Trump administration.

Rodman said that he “does a lot of stuff with Trump” in his TMZ interview:

Here, Rodman presents North Korean leaders with a copy of Trump’s book “Art of the Deal.”

Of course, the mainstream Fake News media came out against Rodman at the time of his first basketball summit and Hillary Clinton mocked Rodman during the campaign on a late-night talk show. Here is Rodman smacking down CNN’s Chris Cuomo about the merits of his trip.

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