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Denver Riggleman Resorts to Lawfare to Keep Congressional Seat During Coronavirus Pandemic

Riggleman is considering a lawsuit against the Virginia Republican Party.



Congressman Denver Riggleman, the anti-Trump gay marriage officiator representing Virginia’s 5th District, has resorted to lawfare as he tries to hang on to his seat during the coronavirus crisis.

A draft lawsuit has been made, although not filed at the present time, on behalf of Riggleman and his political committee against the Virginia Department of Elections, the Republican Party of Virginia, the 5th District Republican Party committee, and various state election officials.

Riggleman hopes that his legal threat will make the state GOP and district GOP conduct a primary rather than a convention because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Given the current pandemic impacting the Commonwealth and the Nation, as a member of the Committee, I would, if permitted by the Republican Party of Virginia and permitted by the laws of the Commonwealth, vote to have a primary and instruct the Fifth District Chairman to notify the Virginia State Board of Elections of the intent to hold a primary election in the Fifth Congressional District,” states Riggleman’s proposed declaration in support of plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary injunction submitted to committee members.

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Bob Good, Riggleman’s right-wing challenger for the seat who has called out the incumbent’s anti-conservative record on social issues, claims that he has enough delegates supporting him to defeat Riggleman at convention. He believes that Riggleman’s lawfare is a desperate attempt to preserve his political career.

Good’s supporters have drafted another lawsuit against Riggleman, 5th Committee GOP chairman Melvin Adams and various committee members in an attempt to prevent the arbitrary change. Riggleman’s political campaign is up in arms because of the threat.

“The congressman is appalled and disgusted that the Bob Good campaign would allow one of their most ardent supporters to single out committee members in a lawsuit,” wrote Kurt Lofquist, who works as political director for Riggleman.

“These types of intimidation factors are not in the spirit of the party or law and should not be tolerated,” he added.

Adams says that the lawsuit was unnecessary because “switching to a primary is completely off the table.”

“These threats usually come from people who desperately want to feel they have power, and get their kicks from their expression, similar to individuals who spout off on social media without impunity,” Adams said. “However, the particular presentation and threat to the committee membership was over the top. It is being addressed in an appropriate manner.”

It does not look like Riggleman’s legal maneuvering will be able to change the political process of Virginia. He is just the latest of many government officials attempting to use the turmoil related to the coronavirus pandemic to help his political ambitions.


Mitch McConnell Will Vote to Confirm Far-Left Open Borders Merrick Garland as Attorney General

What is he thinking?



Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed that he plans to vote for President Biden’s Attorney General nominee, Merrick Garland, speaking on Tuesday afternoon to Politico.

Garland’s confirmation hearing took a sharply partisan approach, with the spurned former Supreme Court nominee vowing to prioritize political prosecutions of trespassers involved in the January 6th Capitol riot.

Garland may be among Biden’s most radical cabinet nominees, and some have questioned if he intends to pursue revenge on Republicans for spiking his Supreme Court nomination in 2016. The circuit judge espoused a legal philosophy that wouldn’t view illegal immigration as a crime, a radical embrace of Biden’s “America Last” migration approach that prioritizes the interests of illegal aliens over American citizens.

Garland had likened a handful of raucous protestors who trespassed in the Capitol to the Oklahoma city bombing, stating the politically charged incident would be his highest priority as Attorney General. In reality, the vast majority of the dozens of people charged in the riot are charged with misdemeanors- a far cry from an “armed insurrection.” Garland went on to reference vaguely-defined “domestic extremism” as a supposed imminent threat, a recurring sentiment from Biden cabinet nominees looking for an easy means to criminalize activity that challenges the interests of establishment liberalism.

McConnell may live to regret the day in he handed a green light to Biden’s personal attorney. With the Democrat-Corporate-Media complex set to build a system of ‘Total Governance,’ Garland stands to become a crucial figure in an attack on traditional American law and order, aiming to replace it with a system in which neoliberal globalism reigns as the highest law in the land.

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