Department of Defense Announced it Will Rename 9 United States Military Bases 

On October 6, 2022, the United States Department of Defense announced its plan to rename 9 US military bases that are named after officers of the Confederacy. 

American taxpayers will be on the hook for $62.5 million in order to see this politically correct project through. The renaming of the bases is expected to take place in early 2023.

 On October 6, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin gave his stamp of approval to carry out the recommendations put forward by the renaming commission, which included recommendations to modify north of 1,000 installations and facilities that were originally named in honor of Confederate leaders. 

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the 9 Army bases that will bear new names are: 

“Fort Benning and Fort Gordon in Georgia; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Rucker, Alabama; Fort Polk, Louisiana; and Fort A.P. Hill, Fort Pickett, and Fort Lee in Virginia.”

Back in May, the Naming Commission published a list of potential new names for the bases. The renaming is expected to begin in December or in 2023 after a congressionally-mandated 90-day waiting period. r

Per final versions of three reports from the renaming commission, this entire ordeal will cost the Defense Department $62.5 and consists of the renaming of over 1,000 installations and facilities that bear the name of Confederate officers. 

This renaming of Confederate monuments and facilities is part of the anti-whites’ broader plan to wipe out American history. Confederate figures are low-hanging fruits, all things considered. However, the anti-whites will not be stopping there. 

Soon, they will start going after the Founding Fathers and other white figures of European history that don’t comport with these radical’s iconoclastic standards. The America First Right must be willing to participate in these culture war battles. They’re part and parcel of a broader fight the Left is waging against the Historic American nation. If we lose these battles, we will assuredly lose our entire country. 

Sitting on the sidelines is not an option for those of us who want to restore order. 

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