Depleted Seattle Police Department May Be Unprepared for ANTIFA Uprising Following Trump Victory

The understaffed and depleted Seattle Police Department may be unprepared for potential mass civil unrest that may erupt as a result of a Trump victory in Tuesday’s Presidential election.

The Washington city has only 1,200 deployable police officers available as of Tuesday, the lowest number of personnel Seattle has had since 1990. 118 Seattle police officers have left the force in 2020, following a summer which saw organized ANTIFA violent crime and rioting- coupled with distrust from city residents towards police and initiatives to limit their use of crowd control tools as the militant leftist movement runs wild.

Even Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned as a result of the contentious relationship between Seattle’s city’s council and police. Before her resignation, Best was one of the first black women to serve as chief of a major American city’s police departments.

Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz admitted that the Seattle Police are unprepared for mass civil unrest in the event of a Tuesday night Trump victory, speaking on Seattle’s KTTH. “You have to have close to about 1,400 to then have a reasonable number, which puts us to about 1,250, 1,275 that are deployable,” said Diaz, who took over after Best’s resignation. “So you really need about 1,400 people to have a much more reasonable staffing when it comes to having enough in patrol investigations and special operations.

Diaz may have to resort to a staffing structure which requires SPD personnel to work perpetual 12-hour shifts with no days off.

Seattle placed itself in this situation through babying criminals and creating ridiculous privileges for criminal rioters. ANTIFA thugs stormed and attacked the headquarters of a local television channels for broadcasting the identities of arrested and charged criminal rioters- information available to the public.

In the event that he secures victory, President Donald Trump may deploy federal personnel to the city as a bulwark against a ANTIFA militancy.

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