Deplorables Win The War For Pepe

GrrrGraphics, Twitter

Anti-globalist Deplorables are winning the war for the soul of the Internet’s most legendary meme.

Pepe the Frog has become a symbol of hope for President Trump supporters and other anti-establishment political observers fighting to resist the bleak impending takeover of a corrupt globalist establishment. Fittingly, those who advocate for a corrupt globalist establishment have labeled the frog a symbol of “white supremacy” and hatred. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote Monday: “The alt-right’s “meme war” is ultimately another name for far-right propaganda, polished and rewired for 21st-century consumers. The ironic pose that Kek represents, and accompanying claims that the racism they promote is just innocently  meant to provoke, in the end are just a façade fronting a very old and very ugly enterprise: hatemongering of the xenophobic and misogynistic kind.”

The meme war reached a new level of contention when Matt Furie, the artist who designed the original apolitical Pepe the Frog figure, killed him off in protest of the frog’s politicization.

But the nationalist so-called “New Right” (which used to be called the “Old Right”) refuses to recognize Furie’s authority over a universe that he merely perfunctorily birthed.

The best Pepe reincarnation came from cartoonist and Big League Politics contributor Ben Garrison, who depicted the mascot of Kekistan as a tophat-wearing gentleman unfazed by Furie’s homicide.

Fake libertarian Hillary Clinton waterboy Will Wilkinson, who advocates for Syrian refugee settlement in the United States, put forth his own “Neoliberal” Pepe in a vain attempt to fight back, prompting at least one of his friends to declare the need for anti-populist “meme war.” Pretty lame.

No matter how much the globalists complain about Pepe, the citizens of Kekistan will always be able to gain the upper hand.

As Jordan Bloom and Rob Mariani’s dormant but legendary parody account SalonDotcom observed, even Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry was employing Pepe as recently as November 2014.

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