Deranged Israel Settlers Break Into Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem

Two Israeli settlers stormed a Greek Orthodox Church complex in the Mount Zion area of Jerusalem. They subsequently laid blankets on the ground and announced that they would stay there.

In a video published on TikTok on July 20, 2023, the two settlers sitting on the church’s premises began placing items they brought with them across the church. 

A church official then called on them to leave the premises with the settlers beginning to shout insults, foul language, and racist epithets towards him. They told him to “get out” of the grounds, and asserted that “Mount Zion belongs to the Jewish people”. The settlers even proclaimed that every minute the church remains standing is viewed as “looting.”

The Orthodox Church has found itself in protracted disputes with settler associations that have received the support of Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition government which claimed that the land the church is located is the rightful property of the Jews.

Church staff claimed that the settlers were armed and had scared personnel. After catching wind of the settler storming of the church, several locals gathered outside in an effort to defend it.

Over the last few years, Israeli authorities and settlers have dialed up their attacks against Christian churches and property in Jerusalem in an attempt to displace Christians, effectively run them out of the area, and seize their property.

Such incidents will only grow in frequency as Israel starts taking a more ethno-religious ethos in its politics. At some point, owing to demographic shifts that favor the Israeli Hard Right, Israeli authorities will likely sanction the thorough ethnic and religious cleansing of the country to ensure that its Jewish population remains supreme. America Christians who blindly support the Israeli state will likely have to rethink their support for the Jewish state when that moment occurs. 

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