Deranged Liberal Journo Wants to “Beat Antimaskers to Death,” Claims Jesus Condemns “F***** Christians”

Former New York Times and Newsweek journo Kurt Eichenwald exploded in a spiteful rant on New Years’ Eve, blaming supposed “antimaskers” for the effects of the coronavirus disease.

I have so much hate in my heart tonight. My sister, widowed by COVID, has Covid because of antimaskers,” Eichenwald claimed. “About 4,000 died today; GOP says nothing. [Republican Sen. Josh Hawley] & his ilk are working to harm America. I wish them & their loved ones all the pain & misery they inflicted on this country.

The discredited mainstream media lifestyle magazine figure would go on to speak of his desire to personally beat “antimaskers” to death. Twitter is yet to take action regarding Eichenwald’s specific and personalized death threat.

Eichenwald seems to believe that Jesus Christ himself would be in agreement with him on wishing “pain and misery” to be inflicted upon people who Eichenwald alleges are responsible for coronavirus.

Eichenwald declined to identify the Black Lives Matter street rioters and protestors hugely responsible for a surge in cases related to the virus. The latter congregated in groups of thousands across the country’s cities, chanting slogans in close proximity without so much as a light scolding from the mainstream media.

Eichenwald exploded at a Twitter follower who dared to politely question his personalized rage.

The journo finished off by reminding “F****** Christians” that they were going to “burn in hell.”

Eichenwald is most known for an embarrassing incident in which he was caught viewing Japanese tentacle hentai pornography on his personal computer, having failed to close a tab in which he viewed the material before sharing a picture of his browser.

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