Dershowitz: ‘The President is Not Going to Be Impeached’

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz claimed Wednesday on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom” that he does not think impeachment of President Donald J. Trump is possible, barring any new bombshell revelations.

“[Impeachment] is not going to happen,” Dershowitz said. “The President is not going to be impeached unless massive new information comes out.”

Trump said Wednesday in an Oval Office press conference that he was not worried about impeachment, noting that he believed Americans would revolt if he were removed from office.

“I don’t think we’re in impeachment land and I don’t think presidents ought to be suggesting any kind of non-legal response to impeachment,” Dershowitz continued. “If he were to be impeached and removed lawfully, which I don’t think is possible, the rule of law would apply and people would have to accept the result.”

Dershowitz was discussing the everlasting Russian “collusion” probe levied against the President by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III with Fox’s Bill Hemmer. The pair talked impeachment in light of the sentencing of Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen for tax evasion, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress.

“I suspect the special counsel report will include lots and lots of sins, based on political and based on circumstantial evidence, but I don’t think he will come up with an impeachable offense,” Dershowitz said. “Remember the Constitution requires treason, bribery, other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Trump has continually blasted Mueller for what he calls “presidential harassment,” but has taken no steps towards firing the special counsel.

Time for the Witch Hunt to END!” Trump Tweeted last week, along with a quote from Fox’s Geraldo Rivera, who said that there is no “smoking gun” that points to “collusion.”

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