Despite Smears From ‘That Dog’, Trump’s Black American Support Skyrockets

President Donald J. Trump’s approval among black Americans is surging, despite certain fame-seeking former employees who will not be named in this article.

“Today’s approval ratings among black voters: 36% This day last year: 19%,” wrote Rasmussen in a Tweet today.

Obviously, Trump’s agenda is striking a chord in the black community, regardless of race-baiting mainstream press reports, constant tirades from tired race pimps like Reverend Al Sharpton, and the insistence that somehow the President is a racist because he believes that immigrants should come to America legally.

The high poll numbers actually make sense.

According to a 2018 Harvard-Harris poll, black Americans are the least likely demographic to favor more immigration – and not just illegal immigration -but legal immigration, too.

The poll shows that 85 percent of black Americans want less than one million legal immigrants, the current number allowed annually, to enter the United States every year. Further, 54 percent opted for the most stringent proposal on the poll – fewer than 250,000 new immigrants per year, or none at all. 

The Center for Immigration Studies found in a 2010 study that black Americans are disproportionately affected by immigration.

“No racial or ethnic group has benefited less or been harmed more [by immigration] than the nation’s African American community,” the study found.

The study says:

Illegal immigrant workers tend to concentrate in labor markets that have high concentrations of legal immigrants and citizens (native born and naturalized who are from similar ethnic and racial backgrounds). It is more difficult for authorities to identify them under these circumstances and they can rely on networks of friends and family members as well as other employers and community assistance organizations composed of members of their same backgrounds to find employment. As a consequence, there is a tendency for illegal immigrants to cluster in metropolitan areas (especially central cities) or in rural areas that already have concentrations of persons from similar backgrounds.

Black workers also tend to be concentrated in metropolitan areas – especially in central cities. The only rural labor markets where black Americans are of significant number are in the Southeastern states – a legacy of the slavery heritage of yesteryear.

Thus, it is not everywhere that there is likely to be significant competition between low skilled black workers and illegal immigrant workers but there are ample circumstances where there is – such as the large metropolitan labor markets of Los Angles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Washington-Baltimore. Moreover, some of the fastest growing immigrant concentrations are now taking place in the urban and rural labor markets of the states of the Southeast– such as Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia which never before were significant immigrant receiving states in previous eras of mass immigration. Indeed, about 26 percent of the nation’s foreign-born population are now found in the states of the South – the highest percentage ever for this region. There is mounting evidence that many of these new immigrants in this region are illegal immigrants.

These facts, combined with black cultural icons like Kanye West have declared their support for Trump paints a clear picture: By Republican standards, Trump is very popular in the black community.

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