Despite Trouble, the NRA Spent $1.2 Million on Private Jets in 2022

The National Rifle Association has been marked by a series of financial problems over the last few years due to declining membership and ballooning legal fees.

As a result, the NRA has been compelled to cut its spending in recent years to adjust to these harsh realities. However, even in light of these realities, the NRA has continued spending beaucoup bucks on luxury air travel.

Per a purchasing policy disclosure report that The Reload was able to obtain, the NRA spent over $1.2 million on services with private jet companies in 2022 alone. The report detailed over $50 million in spending on vendors with which the NRA does not have a contractual relation. In this report, the NRA spent roughly $750,000 with a company called Magellan Jets LLC and an additional $517,000 with Corporate America Aviation Inc.

The purchasing policy disclosure came at the same time as financial documents highlighting the organization’s continued plummeting  membership numbers and year-end revenue. Since 2018, these two factors have gradually declined year-over-year. For example, in this period, membership fell from approximately 5.5 million members to 4.3 million. Revenue fell by over $100 million in the same period.

Due to these budgetary shortfalls, the NRA has been continuously slashing spending on education and training, competitive shooting, and other programs that are part of its principal mission. The NRA spent about $28 million less than what was budgeted for all areas outside of legal costs and publications, but it still operated at a loss of nearly $11 million in 2022. This makes the NRA’s big spending on private air travel look suspect when the organization is going through such financial troubles. 

Such financial controversies have caused the NRA to lose credibility among its supporter base. As America’s oldest gun lobby, the NRA has a tough role to carry out in American politics. However, it’s milquetoast approach to politics  and its latest set of financial problems has called into question its commitment to defending the Second Amendment. 

The good news is that there are plenty of gun rights organizations  — Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights — willing to fill in the void and offer a no compromise alternative to it. These organizations will have to step up to the plate and assume the mantle of defending the Second Amendment from the likes of Gun Control Inc. — who never rests and works to relentlessly destroy the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment won’t be preserved with organizations mired by internal controversy that’s for sure.

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