Detroit Free Press Covers for Total Lack of Election Transparency in Detroit After Video Showing 3:30 AM Biden Ballot Dumps is Released to the Public

Big League Politics reported earlier today about the Big Tech censorship of an explosive video from the TCF Center in Detroit, Mich. on election night. 

The video vindicated the reporting done by Big League Politics, showing a city elections van unloading mysterious boxes at 3:30 am after an over seven-hour delay from the time the ballots had to be received in order to be valid. This van brought in the ballots with no accountability, transparency, or chain of custody. This is the Biden Ballot Dump that caused the election results to change so swiftly in the dead of night.

The fake news media is desperate to poison the well so the public does not think of considering the mounting evidence of potential voter fraud. The Detroit Free Press came out with a dubious fact check, in which the Biden Ballot Dump video is not posted.

In the article, the Free Press denigrates Big League Politics as well as The Gateway Pundit, who filed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain the video from the TCF Center. The Free Press quotes career bureaucrats in bed with the riggers, taking their word as canon, and doing no further investigation into the facts of the matter.

“No absentee ballots received after the deadline of 8 p.m. on November 3, 2020, were received by or processed at the TCF Center. Only ballots received by the deadline were processed,” wrote former Michigan Director of Elections Chris Thomas, who was literally employed by crooked Democrat Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey on election day.

“The ballots delivered to the TCF Center had been verified by the City Clerk’s staff prior to delivery in a process prescribed by Michigan law. … It would have been impossible for any election worker at the TCF Center to count or process a ballot for someone who was not an eligible voter or whose ballot was not received by the 8:00 p.m. deadline on November 3, 2020,” Thomas added.

The professional liars at the Free Press are asking all of the wrong questions in an attempt to obfuscate the undeniable truth of election fraud.

In addition to breaking the story about the Biden Ballot Dumps, Big League Politics also published a first-hand report about the Gestapo-esque operation that was put in place to process these dubious ballots without poll challengers being able to properly object: 

Detroit law enforcement officials are keeping pro-Trump poll challengers out of the absentee processing facility at the TCF Center while ANTIFA menaces them and the cops do nothing to protect the patriots.

Big League Politics has captured many photographs from the tense display, as poll challengers are openly disenfranchised and cops provide the muscle for Democrats to deprive Trump supporters of their civil liberties…

It may have been even crazier inside the facility, as video taken by attorney Nick Somberg shows poll workers boarding up windows to block observers from policing the process.

Michigan Trump Republicans co-founder Meshawn Maddock made it into the TCF Center but was not allowed into the area where the absentee ballots were being processed…

As a result of this madness in Detroit, the Trump administration has filed a lawsuit to stop the counting of the ballots until Republicans can assure adequate representation at the absentee voter counting boards.

The issue of election fraud is not going away, and the guilty parties are getting worried that accountability is on the way as the evidence continues to pile up.

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